How does the Maidzillas website work?

The site operates on a bidding platform. The client posts a task they need completed. Our Maidzillas receive an e-mail notification about the task and compete with each other for the job by placing their bids on the task. After assessing Maidzillas’ reviews and bio, the client chooses who they want to proceed with based on the bids they received.

Maidzillas is more than a simple platform. It is a game changer because it simplifies how people get help. It combines the power and perseverance of Godzilla, someone who lets nothing get in his way, with the convenience and detail-orientation of a maid. We have a sense of humor and a sense of irreverence while also respecting our clients' needs.

Who exactly are these “Maidzillas?”

We hire folks with experience as maids, personal assistants, handymen (or handywomen), and people with awesome facial hair. All candidates undergo an application process, involving face to face interviews. One of the basic requirements for becoming a Maidzilla is being tech savvy. It’s extremely important that all Maidzillas are accessible through smart phones and respond as necessary to emails and text messages.

Where exactly are Maidzillas located?

We are primarily based in Montreal, though we expect to grow quickly and will be adding more areas soon. Peoria, here we come!

Is there anything that a Maidzilla can’t do for me?

Obviously we have to keep everyone safe and our business legal, so we can’t perform illegal surgery, deface your ex’s car, or threaten anyone—sorry. But we can get your kitchen so spotless that you won’t even remember your ex’s stupid face!

How fast are Maidzillas?

As fast as you need them to be! Once you post a job, our Maidzillas will fight each other to the death (well, not really—though they might maul each other) in order to win your business. Each bid that a Maidzilla places will indicate the amount of turnaround time that he or she will need to get your task(s) done, so you can pick and choose the Maidzilla whose proposal sounds the best to you.

How much does a Maidzilla cost?

That's the beauty of Maidzillas - the market dictates the price. Like previously mentioned, once the Maidzillas receive notifications that a task was posted, they go and place their own individual bids on the job. Each Maidzilla sets their own price and the client decides which Maidzilla to accept for the job. The client not only has information about how much each Maidzillas charges but also has access to their profile and reviewer ratings in order to determine who is the best fit for them.

Can I communicate with my Maidzilla?

Absolutely! Each of our Maidzillas has a profile page where you can communicate with them, find out what their favorite foods are, and see pictures of their adorable kittens.

What is the Maidzilla refund policy?

Refunds for services rendered are available on a very limited basis. If you aren’t satisfied with the work that your Maidzilla does for you, then please contact us so we can get both sides of the story and make things right, if at all possible. If we can’t reach a resolution, we will offer you a refund if it’s appropriate. All that said, we want you to be happy with our services!

Can I rate my Maidzilla?

Of course! In fact, we’d prefer it if you would rate and review your Maidzilla after he or she completes his or her work for you. That way, other customers will be able to pick out the best Maidzilla for their own needs.

Can I apply to be a Maidzilla?

Maidzillas should be outgoing, friendly, extroverted people who are truly committed to service and helping people. We look for professional people with experience in cleaning and assistance who also have a sense of humor.

If you think you have what it takes then we would welcome your application. Keep in mind that we do receive lots of applications all the time, and we will do our best to respond to every application as quickly as possible.