"Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, a Maid and a Monster fell in love and got a civil union. Nine months later they had a beautiful bigender baby named Maidzilla. The rest is history."


Introducing the 21st century Maid.

They'll clean your home, do your groceries, assemble your furniture, mow your lawn, buy your partner flowers, deliver your mail and much more... Basically, they'll make your life easier!


  • You won't believe how easy it is.

    1. Post your task.

    2. Watch our Maidzillas compete for your task.

    3. Choose your Maidzilla and price.

    4. Kick back and wait for your Maidzilla to show up.

    5. Repeat.


Work smart not hard.

Because outsourcing tasks isn't just for the top 1% anymore. We're breaking traditions by offering personal, affordable help to anyone who asks. Take advantage of our services because you deserve a break!


Meet some of our Maidzillas:

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    “William is super reliable and professional. He collected all the fallen Autumn leaves from my front porch in under 30 minutes and properly placed them in orange bags. I can’t wait to book him again for snow removal this winter!” - Barbara, Outremont.

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    “My apartment was really messy before Loreanne came and did her magic. She treated my apartment as her own. For the first time in 5 months, my sink is actually clean and empty. Now when I invite a date over, I’m no longer embarrassed by the mess.” - David, Laval.

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    “Glenn is a problem-solving rockstar. He helped me assemble my furniture and internet when I first moved in to my new high-rise apartment. Now he helps me do my groceries every two weeks. He has already adapted to my food preferences and allergies!” - Melanie, Griffintown.

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